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Knowledge makes you unfit to be a slave.

The Real University is the first and only place to teach you how powerful you are. This is where your journey towards true enlightenment and empowerment begins. Here’s a glimpse of what you'll gain:
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Occult Knowledge

The Real Lectures

Dive into our Real Lectures series, featuring topics like Spiritual Alchemy, Astral Projection, and detailed breakdowns of the Book of Wisdom.
These lectures are so powerful and transformative that they cannot be posted on social media.
Hidden Scriptures

The Real Library

Gain access to our ever-expanding Real Library, with over 30+ rare books and new additions every week.
These aren’t your typical Amazon finds; our collection includes exclusive CIA documents and texts that have been hidden from the public.
This is the knowledge that only the privileged few have ever seen.
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Manifest like no other

The Real Manifestation Mastery Course

Discover the true secrets of the human mind.  We will give you a simple, step-by-step guide to help you master the art of manifestation through your thoughts and emotions.
This isn’t about positive thinking; this is about real, actionable strategies that you can use to transform your life.

Learn from the Teacher himself

Weekly Live Calls and Q&A Sessions

Engage with our experts every week through live calls and interactive Q&A sessions.
This isn’t your average webinar; this is an exclusive Wisdom Masterclass where you’ll gain insights that you won't find anywhere else.
Each session is packed with knowledge that will elevate your understanding and broaden your horizons.

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Raise the Collective Consciousness

The Biggest Conscious Community

Join our private Discord and website community, the largest and most active conscious community in the world.
This is a safe space where you can share your journey and connect with like-minded individuals.
We maintain privacy to ensure that the elite cannot spy on our members.
Exclusive Content

Exclusive Early Access

Be the first to get your hands on the Book of Wisdom Vol2 PDF and Paperback editions.
This early access is a privilege reserved for our members only.

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What to Expect at The Real University

The Ethereal University is an esoteric education platform that has
revolutionized the modern education system.

Break Free from Societal Constraints

You feel trapped and controlled by societal norms and expectations?
Our teachings will help you liberate your mind and spirit from the limitations imposed by society. Discover the freedom to think, act, and live according to your true self.

Unveil Hidden Knowledge

You know there's more to reality than what you’ve been taught, but you can’t find the answers?
Gain access to rare and forbidden knowledge through our Real Lectures and Real Library. Learn the secrets that the elite have kept hidden and transform your understanding of the world.

Activate Your Inner Power

We offer you the key to elevating your consciousness, expanding your mind beyond the three-dimensional world, and accessing higher planes of reality.

Elevate Your Consciousness

You’re struggling with stress, anxiety, and a lack of spiritual fulfillment?
Experience profound shifts in your awareness with our exclusive meditation tracks and binaural beats in the Real Mindwave Hub. Achieve higher states of consciousness and inner peace.

Join a Supportive Community

You feel isolated in your quest for knowledge and understanding?
Connect with like-minded individuals in our private Discord and website community. Share your journey, gain support, and collaborate with others who are also seeking enlightenment and empowerment.


Nathan Davis

Fantastic to finally have a resource that puts it all together properly

Jake Kim

I wish I could have had something like this years ago. Very informative, easy to understand, such things should be considered in home schooling.

Maria Collins

But this Academy it will not only open your eyes but it will assist in helping you heal yourself and see the world in its true perspective- worth every penny!

Coming Soon

We will help you unlock your inner potential so you can excel in your professional field.

The Real Cosmology, The Celestial Studies

Stay tuned for more content focusing on the real cosmology and secrets that will enhance your physical and mental well-being.

Future Meetups and Private Events

Look forward to exclusive meetups and private events where you can connect in person with other members and our expert lecturers.

 Affiliate Marketing, Astrology, Numerology

We are continually expanding our offerings. Soon, you will have access to the real Astrology, the real Numerology and an affiliate marketing program that allows you to share and benefit from spreading this invaluable knowledge.

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